Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The second annual Highway 41 Yard Sale kicks off June 28-29 2013 in Western Kentucky, covering over 150 miles.

The sale will include both Highway 41 and Highway 41A. Participating cities on the 41 route include Henderson, Anthoston, Robards, Sebree, Slaughters, Hanson, Madisonville, Earlington, Mortons Gap, Nortonville, Empire, Crofton, Kelly, Hopkinsville, Pembroke, Trenton and Guthrie. Participating cities on the 41A route include Henderson, Cairo, Poole, Dixon, Providence, Nebo, Manitou and Madisonville. A map of the route is available at www.Highway41YardSale.com.

Hundreds of local individuals, businesses, and groups are expected to participate this year, setting up yard sales and craft booths on their properties along the highway. This unique event allows visitors from Kentucky and surrounding states to enjoy an exciting shopping experience, while taking in the distinctive flavor of the region’s unique restaurants, shops, and southern hospitality. The sale will also provide an excellent opportunity for local organizations and clubs to hold fund-raising events.

Yard signs can be purchased for $5 at the Henderson County Tourist Commission located in The Depot at 101 N. Water Street in downtown Henderson.

For more information, visit www.Highway41YardSale.com or call 1-800-648-3128. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/highway41yardsale or follow us at www.twitter.com/hwy41yardsale.


Anonymous said...

This sale is a joke. I had plans of setting up for it but affter driving a long distance to check it out I discovered that there were very few sales in Henderson, none in Indiana and so many of the people I talked to about the sale commented "oh was that this weekend" If this is going to be a big event it needs to be addvertised before the day of sale and not seen on the local news affter sale is over.

Henderson Co. Tourist Commission said...

We are sorry that you did not enjoy the event. There seems to be a bit of confusion on the location. To clarify, the event does not take place in Indiana. It takes place in Kentucky. A listing of where the sales are can be found are within the blog post. There is no one group who puts on this event; it is a collective of community members. We hope to continue to see its growth next year.